Sunday, September 7, 2008

Indiana Jones products

I am happy to annouce I will be selling a limited amount of my Indiana Jones prints that Acme Archives has released recently as well as 9 sketchcards that I produced for the Topps Indiana Jones Heritage series. Because something went wrong with the original return cards I have created 9 new cards that are fresh of my drawing board.

These are high quality giclee prints on heavy paper. The quality of the prints is really stunning and the photos don't do them justice unfortunately. Hopefully I'll be able later on to take some better pictures. The large prints measure 19 x 30" (45,7 x 76,2 cm) and cost 245 US dollar/ 135 euro + shipping. The small prints are 13 x 19" (33 x 48,3 cm) and go for 95 US dollar/ 66 euro + shipping. Both versions come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

And these are my new Topps sketchcards. Prices vary, if you are interested in a particular card send me and email at info{a}

With every order you receive a free limited edition print of choice of either of the two following illustrations.


Howard Shum said...

Awesome art, Patrick!

Scott Zirkel said...

Great stuff! Good luck with the sale!

Jose Darias said...

Congratulations Patrick , you´re a crack!
.I like your Indiana´s work

.It´s Brillant

visit my blog!

Tooninator said...

WOW man!! Killer work!! just wow.

Leandro said...


Lucasfilm should do an animated Indy film with your designs! That would be extremely cool!

Brandon T Pike said...

Your work is amazing. Really inspiring stuff, can't wait to see more!

Jay D Smith said...

Wow! looks great!!

little outta my price range though!

jesse said...

Patrick, you blow me away. congrats on the card set and prints, Great work buddy.