Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowy Girl

I'm trying out some new stuff and techniques I've been thinking about.

And what do we have here? The first piece of handdrawn animation I made in a long time! Could it be part of something bigger? Who knows?


Ryan Bullard said...

Wow really nice. Great wintery BG, wish I could do that!

Mick said...

How odd. You have no idea that I was making something similar (close enough to raise an eyebrow) just today. I hadn't seen this previously and now I sit here scratching my noggin over the coincidence.

It looks great anyway, best wishes to you- Mick

Arthur said...

Mooi! Echt hele mooie blik, hoe ze eindigt!

Edwin Rhemrev said...

Wat ben je toch een talentvolle bastard, jalooeerrss! :D Een short in deze stijl (wel met zombies graag), en dan kun je volgens mij gaan leven van alle eerste prijzen op animatiefestivals! Wel de achtergronden outsourcen naar graag, die jongen moet ook eten. :D