Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Star Wars and Indiana Jones Comic Con prints

Acme Archives will be releasing two of my new prints at their booth on San Diego Comic Con this year. For those that can't make it to Comic Con, I will have a limited amount of Artist Proofs available at my blog.

"Rebel Alliance"
Canvas- 50 Piece Edition 9 x 24"
Paper- 95 piece Edition 8 x 21"

"The Man in the Hat"
Canvas- 50 piece edition 9 x 24"
Paper- 95 piece edition 8 x 21"


Sam said...

I know I've looked at your blog before, but I don't know if I left a comment. But you deserve one. Because this stuff is so incredible. Your style reminds me of my coworker Jason Kim, who I also greatly admire. :)

Steve Myers said...

I'd like a Star Wars and Indiana Jones piece. Still for sale?